Let’s Get Blogging

Yo world, whadup?! I thought I’d start up a blog to share my thoughts in an extended form…well it was either this, or a long ass Facebook status, and I couldn’t put y’all through that.

I hope that what I decide to share, you would take the time to read but you also don’t have to, no pressure. What I will share though is just my thoughts, you can either agree or disagree, really not looking to start a debate.

I will share my opinions on things like music, movies, radio, current affairs, sports, technology etc. it’s to be noted that I’m not an expert on these topics it’s just my opinion, as much as possible I will try and point you in the direction of an expert.

I will try and post weekly or as often as something comes up, will not force things don’t your throat.

You can follow me on Twitter @jjkopman for more chatter.

This is just my thoughts, and I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚



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