Why I Don’t Read/Watch The News

When I started to have constant access to internet, either via my phone or on my laptop I use to constantly read the news (i.e current affair news), and I use to hop between the various websites (News24, iAfrica, IOL), but over the last few months I have been reading less and less of the news.

I finally realised why…

News24 : Amplats strike: Man dies after shooting

iAfrica : Freeze Malema’s Assets – DA

IOL : Man Burns To Death at Amplats

Isnt this just sad?

I obviously just chose the headlines but once again the headlines is the story that normally draws you in to read the rest of the story. And if day in and day out that is the headlines, I don’t want to read it.

I understand that its journalism and that is what is needed to get people’s attention, but from further browsing those websites – I read that Oscar Pristorious is going to be on the Pierse Morgan’s show in the States, so this wasnt top story worthy? I’m just saying…

Without getting heavy on y’all, I’m just trying to say that we as “consumers” of these online news and newspapers also wants to read the stories that we can all share over lunch without having to say the words “I feel sad now” because that is normally what happens.

Those headlines I mentioned above is the reasons that I struggle to read news because I want to share that happy story that the News channels normally leaves for the last 2 minutes of the news, that story about the Dog that helped the cat out of the pool, you know that story right?

To conclude, I guess it’s easier to sell a “horror” story than a “happy” story, but I guess that is more our own problem, that we get drawn to that “horror” quicker than the “happy” story. So we cannot reallly blame the online news websites, they are just making a living. Something to think about.



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