Happy 27th Birthday to my Fiancé!!

Happiest Birthday to my Fiancé!

Yes, yes. You are 27, big whoop! You are a year older, and wiser. Another year that you can be thankful that you have been given a chance to make the difference you want to everyone around you.

I know when you sit in you quiet moments, you MIGHT think that you are not exactly where you want to be, however, to list a few things you can be thankful for:

  • You are now a licensed driver;
  • You have a job that brings joy to kids that are less fortunate;
  • You are in good health;
  • You have a loving family; and
  • You have a stunning fiancé 😉 haha, just kidding, lol (this is a HIMYM reference – the texty-text episode)

All this, and also a wedding in about 4 months, in where you will embark on a brand new journey together with someone who Loves you dearly, and will do everything, everyday to ensure that you are happy.

My wish for you is that in the year ahead you go out and be fearless in everything you do, you have a great support structure, and have all the skills and personality to back up any move you make. Make this the year of Darcell.

I hope you like you gift, it is two-fold:

  1. The gift was identified in one of our escapades in the malls wHen we were walking around, you said you liked this iteM, so I thought I would get this for you…the hint is staring right at you 😉 (check which letters are Capitalised and Bold)
  2. This part of the gift will give us an idea of what exactly our wedding day will look like (I know, OMG, right?)… see link … https://goo.gl/h7HkZL

Happy Birthday again my love 🙂 Have a fantastic day! May God bless you with many children (this is for me 😉 lol) and all the success possible!


Justin, and DJ

Our Family

Our Family


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