1 Year On


Very true.

So…I have been married for a year, yay to me, and a special congratulations to Darcell for lasting 1 year with me 😛

I thought as a young’n I’d share some of my thoughts on marriage, and yes, I know its only 1 year, and I have tons more to experience, but it definitely won’t hurt looking back, so I can see where I can do better, to make the next year, and years to come a bit easier than the first.

So lets start with what people warned us about:

  1. You will fight over things laying around, or over the not putting the top on the toothpaste, oh yes, and the toilet seat thing – tbh, I have not once brought this up, I think for me, it just a thing of if its quick to do, like picking up something, or putting a top on the toothpaste, just do it.
  2. You will be asked when you will start having kids – this one is so very true. Like all the time hey. Like the reason you got married was to have kids. My approach, entertain it, so now its fun for everyone involved.
  3. Sharing space with another person will make you mad. Well, not if you are selfish. Getting married to someone, and not knowing that you will have share space, things, time, duties, basically anything, is a bit naive to say the least.

There were tons of “tips” given on how to be married, and its all appreciated but two pieces of advice, and tips that prepared me for the reality of marriage came from my sister in law, and my friends sister, they were as follows:

  1. Marriage is leka, you must make the most of the situations you presented with, and grow from there (paraphrasing). This could not be truer, as we are two individuals from different backgrounds, our problems / struggles, are nobody else’s but our own, unique problems / struggles, and it requires solutions that will have to come from the two of us.
  2. This piece of information is really a game changer: You will always be wondering what you will be eating! Like almost all conversations lead there, or start there. “what are we having for supper?” “what we putting on the bread?” “are we going out for supper?” ALL.THE.TIME! This was quite a realisation!

With all the advice and tips, my takeaway for this year of marriage is that, my best friend married me, and we started a life together on the 5th of March 2016, that was one of the best decisions that I decided to make. This year has been nothing short of great, obvs there is room for improvement, if there is not, that I think is more concerning. Marriage / being together / living together with someone who is #inittoowinit with you, defs makes things easier and fun.

This is what I got with my homie Darcell, and my wish is to go through it for a very long time, as long as we can decide what we will be eating, or where to put the shampoo 😉

Thanks for reading.