Marshall Bruce Mathers III


Hi, my name is, Justin – probably the biggest Eminem fan.

About 4 days after he released his 9th studio album, Revival, I thought I would share some thoughts on my favourite MC, and his latest body of work.

Let’s start with the rollout:

Eminem released a 7-minute freestyle dubbed Campaign Speech, taking aim at a few topical issues, mainly Trumps lead up to his presidential run, this was on October 19, 2016. My favourite quotable: “Met a contortionist, said, “When you wanna get sexual?”
She said, “However I fit in your schedule. I’m flexible.
” Fast forward to October 10, 2017, Em goes at Donald Trump in a BET Cypher, titled The Storm.

Em then releases the official first single, “Walk on Water” with Beyonce on November 10th. Charted as high 6 on the charts, still nothing unusual about this roll out.

On December 5th, the official track listing is released, and its 19 songs long…and here I think it gets a bit tricky…

There is a narrative that because of Eminem’s mega-stardom, he is no longer in touch with current music trends. Two aspects of this album speak directly to this narrative… Firstly, Em had “Interludes” on his album… faaamm, there is no need for Interludes!

Secondly, in 2017, albums are generally 12 to 14 songs long; this is due to people’s attention span in focusing for extended periods. The album spans 1 hour and 17 minutes (19 tracks); that is almost the length of 2 episodes of a 40-minute show, to put things into perspective. Listening to the album, I found myself wondering what was coming next, almost pre-empting the next song, and an Eminem album needs to be consumed slowly, as he uses very complex structures when rapping.

With 19 songs you leave room for lots of filler tracks and with that, you leave space for bad songs… and there are some really bad songs on this album. Some songs are understandable and need to be there due to Em’s super-stardom. The fact that he is white and standing up against police brutality against black people in the U.S. is important to have on here, so not mad at that. But to choose it as your second single after your first single was not a radio single is a bad decision. Both “Walk on Water” and “Untouchable” are album songs, not radio songs, in my opinion. The fact that Em has a song with Ed Sheeran on this album screams RADIO SINGLE. Also, why is Eminem not working with Dr. Dre? He is working with other producers, which I feel is not directing him in the studio, which could lead to less than favourable creative decisions.

Let’s talk about the good; which is not good, its amazing, polar opposites of this single album. “River” with Ed Sheeran, “Believe” & “Offended” lyrical attacks, “Like Home” with Alicia Keys stadium like song, “Bad Husband” apologising to the infamous ‘KIM’ – mature Eminem is better than anyone, “Castles” song to Hailie, “Arose” song from a perspective of him dying on a hospital bed from an overdose. These are some of the best Eminem music that he has released.

This album sounds like Eminem released it to show us that he can rap way better than any other rapper, which we already knew since 1999. What we (I) would’ve wanted was a focused album that concentrated on his fans who grew up with his music; I was 12 when Eminem made his debut and 13 when The Marshall Mathers LP was released.

So, if I was around Eminem whilst he was making this album (if only I was this lucky), my advice to him would’ve been:

  1. Go with the Ed Sheeran assisted song as your lead single, get the excitement to build;
  2. Perform on SNL, and drop 1 verse of “Bad Husband” to build the anticipation of mature Eminem content;
  3. Drop the tracklist, track one “Walk on Water” featuring Beyonce…OMG.
  4. Reduce the songs from 19 to 12/14 songs. This reduces the chance of bad songs creeping in.

With me writing all this, I read that Eminem said he wrote over 50 songs for this album and had to choose songs to be on the album. So it’s easy for me to sit here and say do this and do that, but he has to make those decisions. And with his insane personality concerning perfection around rhyming, and music, I can’t imagine it being “easy”. Also, Eminem is such a huge MEGA STAR that he might actually not give a …. about what I think, and how I would like him to release music, and that is okay as well. In the meantime, I edited my Revival album to 13 songs, and its lit!

New Eminem music is always welcomed, to see what he does with lyrics, and how he can flip metaphors and words, is absolutely amazing. Still the best lyricist to do it.

Revival out now.

From your biggest fan, this is;



Happy Birthday!


So, I turned 30. Could not be any happier, I for one, like getting older…the closer I get to become that old guy, who will be in the line at the mall complaining about the old days, only kidding…will be complaining on whatever social media sites will still be around, ain’t nobody got time for face to face confrontation.

But, I just celebrated my 30th had a bit of a soiree, a themed thing, must be me all grown up and things, my idea of a party moved from a hip-hop theme, to a house party, to a Great Gatsby theme where everyone was all dressed up and things. Credit to bae though for pulling the idea off, my directive to her was, “Love, I just want to wear a suit” – and that is how we ended up with a 1920’s themed 30th.

In preparation, we had to get dresses from some dodgy Chinese shops (the 3 sisters looked great, tbh), and then go to China Town for decor (full circle). Lots of planning for venue scouting, guest list deciding, food picking, snack picking, felt like the wedding again, even got my invites made by the same lady, was great fun. Decided to keep it small, went with the exclusive feel, mother in law made thank you gifts which made that feeling a little bit more real.

The highlight of the planning was me selecting the music for the party, took me about 7 days went through music from 1987 (year I was born) to 2017, selected over 350 songs, with a play range of over a day for a party lasting 5 hours 😞 took me another couple of days to select my favourite songs, and then my favourite, favourite songs. Rearranged it to make sure that it had a build up, leading to dancy songs, to chill down music. Sounds boring, was totes exciting to me 😊 and hey, I got to DJ at my own party, that was lots of fun.

If you are subscriber to Apple Music, a playlist of the music that played on the night.

Actually had the idea to write this post to thank everyone for coming, for dressing up, for celebrating my birthday with me. Thanks for the gifts, I leka have new clothes (work clothes) such a great idea, for my 40th, going to request smart casual clothes 😊 I hope everyone that was there enjoyed themselves, you guys are great.

Special shout out to Darcell (from A girl and her camera) for the amazing pictures of everyone on the night 😉

Thanks for reading.


The Cellphone Killed The Fun in Clubs


So, I was out at an elite club in Camps Bay where, while I was on my phone, I looked up and realised something…about 60% of the dance floor was filled with people that was on their phones. It got me thinking, has this phenomenon of Social Media slowly been killing the dance floor?

Don’t you remember the days where people went to clubs to dance, a place where we could meet and be social with our best tunes playing through massive 18 inch speakers. Those were the days. It’s practically impossible for anyone to leave the house without having your cellphone on your person, and now it seems its creeping into an environment where people use to be away from all the madness that is the world.

So I took this a step further and walked around the said club and glanced at the phones of those who were using them and it was the usual suspects; BBM, Facebook, Twitter. People frantically updating their status’ for their ‘loser’ friends that aren’t at the hot party they are at. Yet, they are the people updating their status in the same hot club? Who the loser now?

I will admit that I have fallen victim to this practice, and I apologise. I don’t know why I do it, however it seems fun…I normally just read these status’ and make comments in my head, lol. I’m judgy in clubs, hey. I actually got this idea for this blog while I was in a club, lol, this is a vicious cycle.

I don’t see this practice slowing down anytime soon. It’s something we got to learn to live with, or I have to learn to live with it 🙂 as long as we get together and get down to the beats of those hard working DJs.

Thanks for reading.


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One day as I was sitting at my desk at work, I overheard my colleagues (females) having a conversation sounding something like this:

Female 1: You must touch yourself to find out…

Female 2: (giggles) what do you mean?

Female 1: No, I’m being serious, this is a good way to find out…

Female 2: That’s weird…

Female 1: But they also say that its your partner that normally finds out first…

Female 2: (giggles)

Me: Yor…

Female 1: *looks at me* I’m being serious your partner normally finds outs first if there’s lumps in your breast.


So they were talking about checking your breast for lumps for breast cancer. I don’t know what you guys were thinking…tsk, tsk 🙂

As you may or may not know, its breast cancer awareness month and it’s quite a serious issue. I am not going to throw all sort of facts at you or make all kinds of plea; however I just want to say that it’s something serious and it’s for your own benefit to have yourself checked out just like your HIV status, true story.

I will give you the details of the Cancer Association to find out any details:

Phone: 0800 22 66 22


You can find them on Facebook (CANSA: Fighting Cancer in South Africa) or Twitter (@CANSA)

To end I have a joke to tell…

Q: What kind of bees makes milk?

A: Boo-Bees

Ladies and Gents, keep your boobies healthy!


Why I Don’t Read/Watch The News

When I started to have constant access to internet, either via my phone or on my laptop I use to constantly read the news (i.e current affair news), and I use to hop between the various websites (News24, iAfrica, IOL), but over the last few months I have been reading less and less of the news.

I finally realised why…

News24 : Amplats strike: Man dies after shooting

iAfrica : Freeze Malema’s Assets – DA

IOL : Man Burns To Death at Amplats

Isnt this just sad?

I obviously just chose the headlines but once again the headlines is the story that normally draws you in to read the rest of the story. And if day in and day out that is the headlines, I don’t want to read it.

I understand that its journalism and that is what is needed to get people’s attention, but from further browsing those websites – I read that Oscar Pristorious is going to be on the Pierse Morgan’s show in the States, so this wasnt top story worthy? I’m just saying…

Without getting heavy on y’all, I’m just trying to say that we as “consumers” of these online news and newspapers also wants to read the stories that we can all share over lunch without having to say the words “I feel sad now” because that is normally what happens.

Those headlines I mentioned above is the reasons that I struggle to read news because I want to share that happy story that the News channels normally leaves for the last 2 minutes of the news, that story about the Dog that helped the cat out of the pool, you know that story right?

To conclude, I guess it’s easier to sell a “horror” story than a “happy” story, but I guess that is more our own problem, that we get drawn to that “horror” quicker than the “happy” story. So we cannot reallly blame the online news websites, they are just making a living. Something to think about.


Let’s Get Blogging

Yo world, whadup?! I thought I’d start up a blog to share my thoughts in an extended form…well it was either this, or a long ass Facebook status, and I couldn’t put y’all through that.

I hope that what I decide to share, you would take the time to read but you also don’t have to, no pressure. What I will share though is just my thoughts, you can either agree or disagree, really not looking to start a debate.

I will share my opinions on things like music, movies, radio, current affairs, sports, technology etc. it’s to be noted that I’m not an expert on these topics it’s just my opinion, as much as possible I will try and point you in the direction of an expert.

I will try and post weekly or as often as something comes up, will not force things don’t your throat.

You can follow me on Twitter @jjkopman for more chatter.

This is just my thoughts, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂